Monday, October 26, 2009

Sid the Science Kids Makes It Easier For Kids to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

There's been a lot of talk about vaccinations lately--especially when it comes to the seasonal and H1N1 influenza strains. As a parent, I admit that all of the talk has stressed me out. And while I have tried to shield my children from all of the frightening news, it's tough to keep them completely in the dark. I've become the wash-your-hands-use-hand-sanitizer-don't-touch-your-eyes/mouth/nose police.

Today, PBS Kids premiered a new Sid the Science Kids episode that deals with these very issues. The Jim Henson Company and the US Department of Health and Human Services partnered to produce this special episode, which aims to help answer children's questions about the germs, virus, and vaccinations. What I find truly amazing is the fact that the typical six-month production time of normal Sid episodes was trimmed to only six weeks, from greenlight to delivery, in order to get this episode "Getting a Shot: You Can Do It!" out at this crucial time of year. I was lucky enough to attend a special event hosted by PBS Kids and First 5 California at the Kidspace Museum last week to preview the episode.

This episode of Sid the Science Kid once again highlights what puts PBS Kids' programming head and shoulders above other children's programming. The characters on the show are truthful with the kids that shots "hurt a little but help a lot." As a parent, our first instinct is to tell our kids that things like shots don't hurt, but let's be real...it does and we are doing our kids a disservice by not preparing them.

I know that many parents do not believe in vaccinating their children. For those families, the later part of the program is still very informative for the preschool set. After telling kids why they get their vaccines, the show goes into what germs are, how they are spread, and what we can do to minimize them. It so super cute and reminds me of the Donald Duck cartoon they used to show us in school about how germs are spread, but in a hipper way for the current generation. Parents and their children can learn more in cyberspace. At PBSKids.org/sid, children can learn about germs, illness, and getting shots through age-appropriate activities and videos. Parents can learn more about preparing their children for flu season and vaccinations by logging on to pbsparents.org.

If you missed today's episode of Sid the Science Kid, it will air again on October 29 and November 3, 11, 19, and 27, as well as December 21. Check your local listings for times.

I am so sorry I didn't get this posted before the show aired this morning. I came down with a cold yesterday morning. Oh the irony! I guess I need to practice what I preach and wash my hands a little more often!

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That is SO awesome. We love Sid over at my house.