Friday, October 23, 2009

Hate Watch

Do you hate watch? You may and not even know it. I brought up the term of "hate watch" recently to a friend and she laughed and then remarked, "I had no idea I was doing it!" I know see her include the term in her Facebook updates frequently.

So what does it mean to "hate watch?" When one "hate watches" a show, they watch a show they hate because they just can't believe how bad it is. I hate watch a couple of shows, but I am the most dedicated to hate watching the CBS show, "The Ghost Whisperer." I should preface that by saying there was a time when I watched the show because I liked it. I liked the initial premise and I am certainly a believer in the paranormal as seen in the video below that aired on my husband's show, That Morning Show.

Ok, so back to what I was saying. I hate watch The Ghost Whisperer, although I used to really enjoy it. And while I can't say that it jumped the shark overnight, although it has more than jumped the shark at this point. It has jumped the aquarium! And, yes, I realize to say that a show about ghosts has become too unbelievable sounds a bit odd, but it really has gone far beyond what is normally expected within the realm of normal human behavior. I attribute how bad this show has become to HORRIBLE writing compounded by producers who think the general public is incredibly stupid.

As I hate watch each episode, I'm looking for three main (horrible) elements:

1. How many times they (the wardrobe stylists, producers, and Jennifer Love Hewitt) can prop up JLH's boobs in perhaps the most inappropriate clothing any woman (especially a busy working mom) has ever ran around town in. Oh, and while JLH's boobs are ever-so-prominent in the dress above, she is wearing a strapless cream-colored dress to her child's outdoor fifth grade birthday party. Huh? What? Seriously? That seems like a good idea when there's a ton of kids running around your yard eating cake. Oh and yes, she is holding a trash back and cleaning up in said dress in the pic. I'm sure you have hosted your children's parties in similar attire. I prefer to pull out my wedding dress for my kids' parties, but that's just me. :)

2. How JLH has no idea how to pull off being a mother on camera. This inability coupled with the fact that the writers clearly do no have children and have no idea how to write for mother/father roles is a recipe for the most unrealistic portrayal of parenting and parent/child roles. JLH and her tv husband look as though they just took a bottle of happy pills every time their five year old (who incidentally aged from birth to five years in this season's premiere episode) is in their presence. Whether they are busily eating breakfast in the morning or putting the kid to bed, it's pure joy and elation. Ok, I love my kids, but seriously...is saccharine really necessary? No one acts like that unless they've had a lobotomy, and even then I don't think a parent would be as happy as the parents on this show were when their son left his toys all over the living room.

3. Ok. And then there's the moment when this show completely jumped the aquarium in the season before last. At the end of that season, JLH's husband died and then in the last season his "spirit" jumps into the body a completely different actor. Now, his character should look like the person whose body it inhabits, but doesn't. At first the show would show both men during the episodes, but now it doesn't. It's so weird.

So anyway, I hate watch because the show is so completely insulting and perhaps because I lead a very small life. It is doubtful that I will stop hate watching Ghost Whisperer, no matter how bad a time my husband gives me. Do you hate watch any shows that are so bad that you can't wait to see where they go?


Renata said...

I love your term "hate watch". I totally hate watch Big Love. I hate all of the characters, and their stupidity drives me nuts, yet I am still looking forward to the next season. Hate watch. Period. :)

*THE Disneyland Mom* said...

Ohhhh! I hate watch Big Love too! I'm totally addicted to that one!

Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

I can't stop laughing because I hate watch Big Love also! haha!

Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

Worst part is I'm LDS and that show really makes us look like the biggest ding dongs and yet I still watch!