Friday, November 20, 2009

Vampire Diaries

I'm not certain if this is something I should admit publicly, but I have never read any of the Twilight books and haven't seen the movies. I really didn't see the appeal of the vampire stories. (Please don't hate me Twilight fans!) I mean, could vampires be appealing or interesting or have depth of character?

When the Vampire Diaries premiered on the CW, my husband was excited at the idea of a vampire show on every week. I mocked him and told him he was ridiculous. So...then I watched the Vampire Diaries. I watched the first and second episodes with him. He lost interest and I...became obsessed. I love this show! It is awesome--compelling, hot guys (too young for me, of course), smart dialog, good acting, and interesting twists and turns in the story lines. I look forward to each week's episode as a "supernatural escape" with vampires and witches mixed with a tragic love story and family tensions.

The great news is that it's not too late to be bitten by the Vampire Diaries. The CW will start a Vampire Diaries marathon on Monday, December 14 that will go through Friday, December 18. Each night, the CW will show two hours of "The Vampire Diaries" per night, in order. This is perfect timing, as if you are new to the Vampire Diaries or missed an episode, the last new episode of 2009 aired this last Thursday, November 19.

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