Thursday, January 6, 2011

Going Old School

Clearly television is a big part of our family's life, given the fact that my husband works in the industry...as does pretty much everyone else we know.  Recently, we thought it would be nice to expose our boys to some TV oldies (but goodies) and started with the Three Stooges.  (Yes, I do know that the Three Stooges isn't technically a tv show, but short film.) 

We weren't sure what the boys would think of the show.  Up until we showed it to them for the first time last week, my three-year-old assumed that anything in black and white was scary.  Long story short...they love the Three Stooges.  In fact, it's pretty much all they want to talk about.  At first we thought it was so fantastic that something with such history could be so meaningful and entertaining today.  That was until we realized that not only did they love to watch the Three Stooges, but they wanted to recreate the Three Stooges.  The show winds them up and puts them on a crash course set for disaster!  I have never in my life seen anything wind two little boys up more!

We've had to set parameters on Three Stooges view: never before bedtime and everyone has to stay seated...or at least wear padding and a helmet.  :)